Launched out of the Campus Outreach movement in South Africa in 2018, the team in Lusaka is on the University of Zambia’s (UNZA) campus. This gives the team the opportunity to  minister to over 30,000 Zambian students. By constitution, Zambia is a Christian nation, but the prosperity gospel has gained a solid footing in the local church. LEAD Staff have the exciting opportunity to be a part of the pioneering effort to establish a ministry on the campus and also tell the students they build relationships with about the true gospel and about God’s love that transcends both good times and bad.

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Zambia also has enormous sending potential as it is bordered by eight (8!!) different countries. As UNZA is the top university in the nation, the dream of the long-term staff team in Zambia is to see leaders raised up and sent out all over Africa as the gospel is continuing to grow north, creating the opportunity to establish steady campus ministry there and continue to expand north into Africa to eventually see the 10/40 Window become the 9/40 Window. The team hopes and prays this will, by God’s grace, happen in our lifetime!

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