Located just 140 miles from the Texas/Mexico border, Monterrey is an influential city of four million people and is home to several of the top universities in Mexico and Latin America. Over 200,000 college students live and study at numerous campuses in the city. The need for active laborers on these campuses is great, as there are zero registered Christian ministries on these campuses, but the strong cultural and spiritual history of Mexico has created fertile ground for the gospel of grace to take root.

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Currently, Campus Outreach has started ministry at Tecnologico de Monterrey (Monterrey Tech), which is widely considered the top university in all of Mexico. LEAD Staff are desperately needed to help pioneer the ministry at Monterrey Tech as well as explore and launch other campuses in the city. Monterrey presents an opportunity to lay the foundation for a movement of the gospel among Mexican college students for generations to come.

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