One of Campus Outreach’s oldest existing international locations, the team in Belo Horizonte, Brazil is located at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UMFG). The campus is a segment of Brazilian society with almost no evangelical ministries among college students. With only about 13% of Brazilians attending a university, the campus is a unique and strategic place to reach the future leaders of this vibrant country.

Brazilian culture is highly relational, so life-on-life campus ministry is a fantastic way to reach this young and energetic demographic in Brazil. Sixty-five percent of Brazilians are self-declared Catholics, meaning conversations about faith are not outside of the norm, which provides fruitful ground  for deep, gospel-centered conversations with students. As a result, our ministry in Belo Horizonte is often referred to as “Cafe com Prosa” or “Coffee and Conversations.”

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Outside of day-to-day campus ministry, LEAD Staff can also serve as “native speaking” English teachers, which creates a way to meet and invest in students through the Gringo English program. Campus ministry and teaching English provide opportunities to build relationships and generate momentum for the ministry. Laborers gifted in administration, finances and communications are also needed to advance the mission of the ministry as a part of the resource team. Your investment can enable the ministry to function more effectively and serve the team by expressing your gifts!

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