Our Vision is to Fill This Map with Color

Right now LEAD Teams partner with local Campus Outreach movements laboring on over a dozen different university campuses in 10 different countries! God is doing some incredible work in these places but we are hungry to see this movement expand to even more locations around the globe. There are more than 30 different local churches that have requested Campus Outreach to send a LEAD team to partner with them in laboring on a college campus (with more requests coming in all the time!). To sustain our existing campus teams and reach this growing number of requests we desperately need laborers — our estimate is about 150! — to consider investing their lives in the Great Commission. Check out the map below to see where we could go in the future and the country list below it to see where we can go NOW!

Location Breakdown.png

Where Can I Go?

Join a well-established team to reach a significantly unchurched nation and mobilize believers to reach the nations.

Join the Gospel movement happening within this vibrant and expressive culture to help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Help pioneer ministry in a new location for Campus Outreach in a young, diverse and fast-paced culture.


Partner with a ministry just south of the border in it’s infant stages to see cultural Catholicism turn to Christ!

Come alongside a strong church partnership to reach a widely Atheist country and postmodern culture.

Partner with the local church laboring in a predominantly Catholic country to see the Gospel transform the culture.


Be a vital part of a ministry in one of the most strategic locations in Southeast Asia.

Come on board to strengthen the hub of a thriving Gospel movement for Campus Outreach in Africa.

Join the efforts to reach an unreached people and diminish the cultural hold of Buddhism.


Pioneer ministry in an influential African nation as we train and equip leaders to expand Campus Outreach through Africa.