As England’s second largest city, Birmingham is strategic location for LEAD teams to help pioneer ministry. Birmingham is famed for its diversity and is home to major populations from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Africa, the Caribbean and other parts of Europe. It also is the “youngest” city in all of Europe with 40% of its population under the age of 25. Birmingham is a city on the rise and continues to grow alongside London as one of England’s most desirable locations to live as a high speed train was built that makes the commute to London 45 minutes. Some estimate that the population may even double within the next 5 years!

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Tucked within Birmingham are three elite universities which LEAD teams have an opportunity to impact. Campus Outreach is partnering with City Church Birmingham and its church planting movement—Birmingham 2020—to advance and grow the ministry on these campuses. 

The ministry in Birmingham is still relatively new and exploratory. This is a unique opportunity for LEAD Staff to try new things, build relationships and share the gospel with students from a wide variety of ethnic and spiritual backgrounds. We are praying and working towards seeing gospel movements multiply and spread throughout Birmingham and the United Kingdom in the years to come!

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