LEAD teams are engaging the world and making meaningful contributions in the following global locations

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Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The campus is a practically unreached segment of Brazilian society with almost no evangelical ministries among college students. Brazilian students are looking for native speakers to teach them English, and teaching, as well as laboring on the campus, give the opportunity to build relationships and generate momentum for the ministry.

We also need laborers gifted in administration (resourcing) to advance the vision and mission of the ministry. Your investment can enable the ministry to function for effectively and serve the team by expressing your gifts. 

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brisbane, australia

The need for Christians in Australia is great.  There are over 1 million university students across the country, with very limited exposure to the Gospel. Although 12 million Australians claim to be Christian, less than 10% regularly attend church.

The University of Queensland is consistently ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world. It is located in Brisbane, Australia’s 3rd largest city and the capital of the state of Queensland.  Our hope is to see God bring Australians to Christ, and grow them into lifelong labourers.  

Building labourers is a team effort in Brisbane. We have a great team, but with over 50,000 students at The University of Queensland there is a great need for the next generation of staff to help us relate and connect with students.

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chiang mai, thailand

Chiang Mai is an international city located in the mountains of Northern Thailand. The city has multiple college campuses. LEAD opportunities consist of serving as campus staff on a campus and working alongside long-term Campus Outreach staff in order to reach Thai college students for Christ. Besides serving on a campus, the Chiang Mai LEAD opportunity will continue to develop the participant as a leader in an overseas context through trainings and real-life experiences and responsibilities.


Christchurch, new zealand

New Zealand has a rich history of both Christian founding and heritage in addition to bold missions and ministry, but in recent years much about NZ's spiritual landscape has changed. Most "Kiwis" are proud to say that their country is among the world's most secular because while spiritual and religious practices are varied, more and more New Zealanders today claim to have no beliefs. Less than 5% identify as evangelical Christians, and they faced increased opposition from a society that grows even more spiritually apathetic. 

Christchurch, the largest city on the South Island, is a city marked by growth and change. What used to be seen as the urban seat of traditionalism -- in touch with its English upper-crust origins -- has experienced great shift, growth, and rebuilding ever since the major earthquake of 2011. Laborers in Christchurch, "the Garden City," have great opportunity to be working with students who will help shape a city and country that are changing and being rebuilt, and to be living, growing, and serving in a community and church that seeks to see God change Christchurch for His glory, now and in eternity.

cusco, peru

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dunedin, new zealand

New Zealand is a country of 4.3 million people, with less than 5% being evangelical Christians.  “Kiwi” society is increasingly post-Christian and secular.Other religions are far less a threat to the Church than basic unbelief.  There are eight universities throughout the country with over  130,000 students enrolled.  God is doing a good work in New Zealand through the Grace Presbyterian Churches of New Zealand (GPCNZ – and the Campus Outreach ministries in Dunedin ( 

Currently, the biggest area of need for the ministry to grow in is in broadening the top of the ministry funnel in Dunedin. Full time Campus Outreach staff and US LEAD Staff currently serve in Dunedin and Christchurch; and there are ongoing opportunities for US LEAD Staff in these two locations.


johannesburg, south africa

Being a LEAD staff in South Africa will allow you to serve within an ethnically diverse team with open access to the university campus. The Johannesburg team is made of 23 South and 7 American's. South Africa is ethnically diverse; 11 official languages for example, and yet english serves a common language for most people and is what is primarily spoken on the university campus.

Most South African's would self identify as Christian (around 80%); however, what most people describe as Christianity is a hybridization of cultural and ethnic beliefs and not true Biblical faith. Since the vast majority of South African's view themselves as Christian it allows for easy access to the university campus and individuals. Bringing up matters of faith is a normal part of life in South Africa.South Africa is position

LEAD staff positions with Johannesburg will accelerate the core ministry priorities of indigenous leadership development. 

This internship will provide: 

1) An opportunity to leave a South African “laborer-legacy” (watch God build laborers through you in South Africa) 

2) Maturity as you are learn to trust God through the challenges of support raising and the rigors of cross-cultural ministry 

3) A vision for how God is at work in the world 

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khon kaen, thailand

Covenant Christian School desires to provide a Biblical worldview education to children of Christian parents/guardians of all ethnic heritages in the English language, equipping them to serve God and society to their fullest potential. Our school currently functions as a home-school cooperative, as we have found that home-schooling together builds community and accountability. All of our families are serving the Church in some capacity here in NE Thailand. We need teachers to come teach at our school full-time, thereby serving the parents and freeing them up for ministry among the unreached community. 

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manila, philippines

Manila is one of the most strategic locations in the world for LEAD teams to be positioned. The country of the Philippines sits on the doorstep of all of southeast Asia. 

It is one of the only countries in this region where we can legally and aggressivly build Gospel movements on college campuses. Within the Philippines, Manila is known as the "King" of all it's cities. As one of the most densely populated cities in the world, it contains the country's top 2 Universities, as well as being the hub for all political and financial activity for the Philippines. The Filipino people are known as "courageous asians" due to the fact that millions of them leave every year to live and work abroad. To have an impact in this city, among the leaders of the next generation is a opportunity of a lifetime!