Campus Outreach Start

Learn the core values and convictions of Campus Outreach International; also learn practical tips and practices to raise support well.

January 14-18
May 13-17
June 10-14
August 12-16
December 16-20


Pre-Deploy Training Dates

Learn from our directors and experienced staff how to adapt to different cultures, share your faith in new contexts and function as a healthy member of a LEAD Team.

May 28-June 4
August 22-30
December 2-10


Departure Dates

What are the targeted dates a LEAD Team will next leave for each location?

Belo Horizonte, Brazil — February 2020

Birmingham, England — September 2019

Brisbane, Australia — July 2019

Chiang Mai, Thailand — August 2019

Christchurch, New Zealand — January 2020 or June 9 2020 (if needed)

Cusco, Peru — December 2019

Dunedin, Australia — January 2020 or June 2020 (if needed)

Johannesburg, South Africa — January 2020

Khon Kaen, Thailand — July 2019

Lusaka, Zambia (Not Yet Confirmed)

Manila, Philippines — November 2020

Monterrey, Mexico(Not Yet Confirmed)

Udon Thani, Thailand — November 2019