As a LEAD staff member in South Africa, you will serve with an ethnically diverse team that has open access to the university campus. South Africa is ethnically diverse, with 11 official languages for example, and yet English serves a common language for most people and is what is primarily spoken on the university campus. The Johannesburg team is made up of 23 South Africans and 7 Americans.

Around 80% of South Africans would self-identify as Christian however, what most people describe as Christianity is a hybridization of cultural and ethnic beliefs and not true Biblical faith. Since the vast majority of South African's see themselves as Christian, talking about faith is a normal part of life in South Africa. This allows our team easy access to the university campus and makes it natural and accepted to start spiritual conversations.

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Campus Outreach South Africa is currently on three campuses: University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria and University of the Witswatersrand. However, the team hopes to expand to another city, Kimberly, soon and has already supported a 2018 expansion into Lusaka, Zambia. The team’s vision is to continue expanding north through Africa and see the 10/40 Window become the 9/40 Window in our lifetime! Given the existing, thriving ministry in Johannesburg, the indigenously-led church in South Africa can be the hub to provide laborers for this movement.

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